Wednesday, January 9, 2013

8 Ways To Decorate Your Home This Pongal

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Pongal is the main harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. As is the rule with Indian harvest festivals, Pongal is celebrated with much vigour. The decoration items used during Pongal are usually 'green'. Green here refers to all the items of harvest like sugarcane sticks, banana leaves, mango leaves etc. Sugarcane is particularly important for Pongal decorations. This is because sugarcane is the main harvest for this season. Apart from that, a stem holding 5 mango leaves is considered holy by Hindus. These leaves are usually used to decorate the pot in which Pongal is prepared. The main attraction of the Pongal festival is the kitchen or the front yard, wherever the Pongal feast is being prepared. All the decorations surround the Pongal pot. The pot itself is decorated. Many Rangoli designs are made around the pot and the cooking fire. The particular Tamil rangoli design is called the Kolam. Apart from these traditional ways, there are several other ways to decorate your home for Pongal. Check out some ideas to enliven your home with the spirit of this Harvest festival.

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