Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gold for IKEA at 2013 Interior Design Show

Scandinavian chain IKEA has been awarded the Gold Booth Award at this year's 2013 Interior Design Show.

IKEA Canada was given the award for its kitchen and bathroom design, which incorporated a variety of antique features enclosed in warehouse windows. Other designs such as an eclectic grand fireplace and an embossed brick wall were also deemed award-worthy.

Inspiration at the IKEA booth at the Interior Design Show was drawn from the company's original home environment, with such materials as Scandinavian blond wood taking centre stage. The company's newest interior design offering is the SOFIELUND light grey walnut kitchen doors and the GODMORGAN white stained oak bathroom cabinets.

According to reports, IKEA Canada has described its award-winning designs as "reminiscent of the converted warehouse spaces in Copenhagen" which are rustic and are symbolic of the city's industrial side and history.

The judge who awarded IKEA the prize said the IKEA booth demonstrated a particular "level of care and craft to its interior designs that you may not attribute with a 'so-called larger company."

The 2013 Interior Design Show opened its doors at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on January 24. With over 300 exhibitors this year, the show is now the largest of its kind in the country. Approximately 660,000 interior design professionals, consumers and media professionals visited the show.

The first Interior Design Show, in January 1999, was launched by founder Tyler Brulé. The show offers all a chance to take in the latest innovative international interior design, architecture and industrial design trends.

This event has a charitable component, with children's charity ONEXONE this year's recipient of choice. Last year, the auction held raised over $30,000.

Japanese design studio Nendo also earned acclaim at the show for its collaboration with Caesarstone, a manufacturer of quartz surfaces which have a variety of applications. Their collaboration, known as the 'Stone Garden' was unveiled at this year's Interior Design Show.

The quartz pebble installation was designed to appear as a floating landscape, reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden with a completely modern twist. A simple and minimalistic take on the rock garden design, the quartz surfaces can be arranged in different compositions and can adapt to any space owing to the installation's differing shapes, depths and directions.

Apple Wins Interior Design Trademark

Apple is known for vehemently protecting its products with trademarks and copyrights, but can the design of its store count as a product too?

The answer is officially: yes. Apple Inc. has legally trademarked the design of its stores, with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuing the final decision last week.

This trademark marks the end of an almost three-year-long uphill battle with the patent office, which began in May 2010.

Apple was rejected twice by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, over the issue of whether the store's design counts as "inherently distinctive."

On its third try, Apple submitted additional support for its claims, including drawings and other layout materials and documents, which helped sway the decision in Apple's favor this time.

The design for Apple's stores was described in the trademark at length as "a primarily glass storefront, rectangular recessed lighting traversing the length of the store's ceiling, Cantilevered shelving and recessed display spaces along the front side walls, rectangular tables arranged in a line in the middle of the store parallel to the walls and extending from the storefront to the back of the store, multi-tiered shelving along the rear walls, and an oblong table with stools located at the back of the store below video screens in the back wall."

The idea isn't that out there--Apple's stores have a look about them that screams "Apple," and if another store was to copy or emulate the design, the similarities would be pretty obvious. This especially pertains to the new Windows stores, which some have commented share a likeness with the typical Apple store.

Strangely, though, Microsoft was in fact the first of the two tech giants to trademark the design of their stores, which went through in 2011. The slight but distinctive differences between the Microsoft store and the Apple store were enough to earn Microsoft its trademark, so Apple understandably felt they could get one also.

The reason behind the trademark has little to do with Microsoft, however.

More likely, the trademark will be used in court cases against the various Chinese lookalike stores that have long been copying Apple--both in product and store designs.

The documentation further details the store design as including "three-dimensional trade dress depicting the interior of a retail store with four curved tabletops at the front and rear side walls and a rectangular band displaying changing video images on the walls."

Now, both Microsoft and Apple may have changed things significantly for other retailers looking to protect the recognizable interior designs of their stores--legally, it has been proven that it can be done.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

17 Ways to Incorporate Books Into Your Home Decor

The best decorating item is one that's also useful. Books -- antique or new, hardcover or paperback, big or small -- are the easiest, and most effective, accessory that you can have in your home. Books add individuality and personality. They can become a pedestal for a small item or provide an interactive coffee table decoration. They can even be presented in such a way that they become an artistic statement.

On trips around the world, I've seen many unique approaches to displaying books.

Books of the same color, grouped together, make a striking statement. This bookshelf of white books was in a store in Milan.

Create art by stacking the books both horizontally and vertically, or even at angles. I loved how these red leather books, in an antique store in London, were stacked at angles on one shelf.

Books with the covers removed create a distinctive vignette on a bookshelf and side table in Paris, and fill the base of a glass coffee table in Milan.

In the Paris flea market, these ancient, falling-apart books were bundled together with twine and used to fill the compartments of an antique secretary.

Archaic books in this Copenhagen antique store are displayed on a Scandinavian chair and tied with a vintage silk flower.

Books and magazines can also make a unique pedestal for decorative items. In an antique store in Genoa, Italy, magazines are a base for a glass compote filled with fresh flowers, and a couple of books prop up a footed ceramic bowl that's a catchall for mail. In a house in Denmark, a blue book sits under a lamp with a shade trimmed in the same color.

These vintage Italian children's books, in the Milan flea market, look charming standing up across a shelf.

Books on shelves can also be a backdrop for art and collectibles, like these bell jars in Italy.

A special book can be displayed open on a table. Here, in Bruges, a set of antique keys serves as a paperweight.

Inspired by my travels, I will often use books in styling a home. Combine contemporary art books with something vintage, like this antique mercury glass bottle from a paint factory. The juxtaposition creates a compelling vignette.

A pair of mid-century bookends sit on either side of three design books. The decorative bookends stand out because I've chosen predominantly black-and-white book covers. I added a small mid-century black-and-white mosaic dish on the table to complete the look.

Alternatively, use colors that coordinate with other art and accessories.

Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero said, "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

8 Ways To Decorate Your Home This Pongal

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Pongal is the main harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. As is the rule with Indian harvest festivals, Pongal is celebrated with much vigour. The decoration items used during Pongal are usually 'green'. Green here refers to all the items of harvest like sugarcane sticks, banana leaves, mango leaves etc. Sugarcane is particularly important for Pongal decorations. This is because sugarcane is the main harvest for this season. Apart from that, a stem holding 5 mango leaves is considered holy by Hindus. These leaves are usually used to decorate the pot in which Pongal is prepared. The main attraction of the Pongal festival is the kitchen or the front yard, wherever the Pongal feast is being prepared. All the decorations surround the Pongal pot. The pot itself is decorated. Many Rangoli designs are made around the pot and the cooking fire. The particular Tamil rangoli design is called the Kolam. Apart from these traditional ways, there are several other ways to decorate your home for Pongal. Check out some ideas to enliven your home with the spirit of this Harvest festival.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Necessities - Milanoo Releases Red Home Decoration for New Year


CHENGDU, China, Dec. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the coming New Year, perking up your house with a special holiday atmosphere is an important thing for a family., a leading transnational online retail store, has released a home decoration collection in eye-catching shades and patterns of red, evoking passion, beauty, and happiness during the holidays and adding fun bursts of red in a cozy house.

Milanoo's red home holiday collection covers every essential home decoration, from bedding sets, curtains, artificial flowers, pet clothing, special figures and accents to lighting that are refreshingly simple and updated by a happy shade of holiday red. According to many decorators, red is perfect as it will attract attention. Milanoo specially launched four different red patterned bedding sets and nice red floral curtains as a symbol of celebrating the New Year holiday in both the bedroom and living room. When decorating a house for a holiday party, one can never ignore the function of small accessories. This collection provides red themed artificial flowers and special figures and accents on Christmas pots that shine as decorations in a house. Milanoo also never forgot how important your pets are by designing pet dresses in red to get them in the festive spirit.

Decorating a home in holiday red has been a traditional way of celebrating New Year. Whether considering the factor of price or diverse choices, Milanoo offers the most convenient and direct way for buying decoration materials online and provides 10 percent off all products in this red home holiday collection. You can find more information about Milanoo's red home holiday collection and other special home fashion sets at

About is one of leading Internet's premier suppliers of fashion apparels. Cosplay costumes and wigs, lingerie, formal wear, wedding attire, shoes and Spandex Zentai suits are included in their scope of business.'s inventory also includes bedding and yoga essentials. Customers choose Milanoo because of their dedication to professional service, fast delivery and quality products, which they have provided for a number of successful years.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7 new home décor rules

Do you still stick with those old trends of home décor or want to break your home's monotonous interior? You couldn't buy your favourate interior stuffs fearing that it doesn't match with your home styling or your experiment gets failed. Don't hesitate; here interior designer Anjali Goyal gives you some new ideas of interior decoration, which can help you in giving a magical touch to your house interior.

If your room is small, use light colours and light furniture for this. The designers are doing experiments with their interior designs. Designers believe that they can change the old rules by putting creativity and knowledge in it. You can also change the monotony of your house. Let's see the new experiment for home décor.

Old rule:

  1. Same type of wood is better for you room.

  2. Sofa is the important furniture.

  3. Same colour enhances your room's beauty.

  4. Do not mix modern and traditional furniture.

  5. Vintage pieces are look good in their original forms.

  6. If you do not have much space, keep your furniture in small size too.

  7. Style matching is must.

New rule:

  1. Now designers don't follow those rules. Wood mixing gives beauty to your room and you feel comfortable by doing this. It is a special art in which you have to be expert. Apart from this, you can also do another experiment for this. You can give royal touch to your furniture by putting metal chairs and marvel top table with silk fabrics.

  2. Furniture is not important; the most important part is its designing. There may be other options for sofa.

  3. If your room is big, you can also use 2-3 rugs. Creative rugs can enhance the artistic beauty of your home.

  4. You can mix the classic chandeliers, renaissance chair, old wood carved chest and Persian rug with modern styling. This combination of contemporary and classic style decoration give your house a traditional look and new style as well.

  5. Vintage pieces with modern settings really do attract. Modern tapestry is really captivating on vintage pieces. It is not necessary that all furniture should be brown. You can also paint the vintage pieces according to your favorite colour.

  6. It's important to focus on colour palette, lay-out and lightening in the small room. Do not select those furniture which gives heavy look. If your room is small, must keep 1-2 artistic stylish or classic pieces. Because, the entire focus goes on the styling rather than on the room size.

  7. Go for even polishing of furniture and fabric co-ordination rather than furniture matching. You can see variation in styling and furniture co-ordination in this picture. Here blue cushions complete the entire settings.

Courtesy: Sakhi