Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7 new home décor rules

Do you still stick with those old trends of home décor or want to break your home's monotonous interior? You couldn't buy your favourate interior stuffs fearing that it doesn't match with your home styling or your experiment gets failed. Don't hesitate; here interior designer Anjali Goyal gives you some new ideas of interior decoration, which can help you in giving a magical touch to your house interior.

If your room is small, use light colours and light furniture for this. The designers are doing experiments with their interior designs. Designers believe that they can change the old rules by putting creativity and knowledge in it. You can also change the monotony of your house. Let's see the new experiment for home décor.

Old rule:

  1. Same type of wood is better for you room.

  2. Sofa is the important furniture.

  3. Same colour enhances your room's beauty.

  4. Do not mix modern and traditional furniture.

  5. Vintage pieces are look good in their original forms.

  6. If you do not have much space, keep your furniture in small size too.

  7. Style matching is must.

New rule:

  1. Now designers don't follow those rules. Wood mixing gives beauty to your room and you feel comfortable by doing this. It is a special art in which you have to be expert. Apart from this, you can also do another experiment for this. You can give royal touch to your furniture by putting metal chairs and marvel top table with silk fabrics.

  2. Furniture is not important; the most important part is its designing. There may be other options for sofa.

  3. If your room is big, you can also use 2-3 rugs. Creative rugs can enhance the artistic beauty of your home.

  4. You can mix the classic chandeliers, renaissance chair, old wood carved chest and Persian rug with modern styling. This combination of contemporary and classic style decoration give your house a traditional look and new style as well.

  5. Vintage pieces with modern settings really do attract. Modern tapestry is really captivating on vintage pieces. It is not necessary that all furniture should be brown. You can also paint the vintage pieces according to your favorite colour.

  6. It's important to focus on colour palette, lay-out and lightening in the small room. Do not select those furniture which gives heavy look. If your room is small, must keep 1-2 artistic stylish or classic pieces. Because, the entire focus goes on the styling rather than on the room size.

  7. Go for even polishing of furniture and fabric co-ordination rather than furniture matching. You can see variation in styling and furniture co-ordination in this picture. Here blue cushions complete the entire settings.

Courtesy: Sakhi

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