Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is Fashion Dictating Interior Design Trends?

By Emily D'Alterio http://designbuildsource.com.au/fashion-dictating-interior-design-trends

With globalization increasing societal fluidity, trends are faster-paced than ever before, with the recycling of trends or the development of unique modes an ever-present element of interior design.

This kind of trending gives a deep insight into the zeitgeist of an era and a people.

While trends are dictated by various catalysts – from the economy and cultural climes to the backing of the rich and famous – fashion itself has long been a catalyst and a major influence on interior design.

Chair Inspired fashion

Fashion brings it with it a fast-paced mentality that virtually says "out with the new and in with the even newer."

According to Canadian décor expert Michael Penney, interior design has seen a distinct change of pace since fashion became a key influencer.

"(Past clients) would say, 'I'm doing a French provincial style' and they would do their whole house in one look and they would leave it like that for 30 years – and that was sort of the way people decorated," Penney said. "But now when you look at fashion magazines, you see that designers and stylists are pairing all different kinds of styles, all different looks together, and shoppers themselves are free to create their own mix in their clothing. I feel like in the same way they're doing that at home and they're getting a little more brave, and they're realizing they don't have to do a formulaic look."

Shoe Inspired interior design

These same sentiments are shared by architect and interior designer Blainey North, who says creativity is not limited to one industry and design should not be limited by these sector segregations.

"I truly believe that architecture, fashion and film crosspollinate and inform each other," she said. "I'm constantly inspired by the creative work of others outside of my discipline."

Referring to a recent project, The Sydney-based designer illustrates just how prominent a feature fashion can play in dictating design.

"Essentially we deconstructed the dresses from the (Christian Dior) show and created spaces around that," North said. "The wallpaper, the curtains and the chandeliers were all drawn from the collection."

re cover jenny design

The incorporation of fashion elements into interior spaces is always going to create opportunity and extend the boundaries of traditional interior design constraints, but could this trend move the industry along too quickly? With fashions coming and in and out of style in such a short space of time, it seems conceivable that encouraging these kinds of seasonal furniture and design changes could have impacts that more than offset the newer-is-better sentiment, encouraging the epitome of unsustainable design.

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