Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Unique home decoration themes

Your wish of lavish dream house may turn real, if you apply following themes, which are given here. You can also spread the colour in your dream house by adapting these unique home décor ideas. To give your house new feel and mood, Sakhi presents here top five home décor themes.

Tribal twist
A simple room can turn unique masterpiece, when it’s decorated by the home décor which is inspired by the African theme. Lifestyle Homemaker manager, Karan says “you can decorate your home from the unique decorative pieces like African exotic animals, flower and fruits or exclusive items which is truly based on African culture and tradition. If you want to create tribal effect in your house, you can use black- brown, red, cream and burnt orange, because these colours give you perfect creative look. For this kind of home décor, you can add animal prints, tribal hanging masks, artifacts, animal shaped figure or statue inspired by tribal people in your decoration stuffs. For complete rustic look or raw look you can decorate your home with dark wood or rusted metal pieces.

Zen Zeal
For keeping peace and spirituality in the house, zen style is perfect theme for this. Meditation and peace is very important in today’s hustle and bustle of life and when you get spirituality and internal peace in your own house, then what would be better than this? Zen word is related to Japanese word meditation. Ailchaimee store experts Nupur Gupta and Anupama Dalmiya believe, if you want to decorate your home in this style, use five elements like earth, fire, water, metal and wood. For perfect look you can use earthy and neutral colours like white, sky blue, green. Avoid embellished your home with too much decorative stuffs. Keep more space for storage to hide clutter. Use low line wooden furniture and straight or clean lines. For furnishing, give importance to pure fabrics like soft silk or cotton. Best part of this is you can decorate each and every member room with this same style.

Colour blocking:
Now-a-days we can see home décor products inspired by colour fusion at various stores’ display windows. When two or more opposing or contrasting blocks of colour are combined in one single piece, is called colour blocking. This trend is in vogue now. These contrasting and vibrant colours will give your home a lively environment. Interior designer Manjit Bhalla shares few tips on the proper assembling of home decorative with colour blockings because combining two opposite colours may put you in risk. When it comes to paint your wall and floor stick to baize, neutral and soft colour. Play with vibrant colour while choosing furniture, accessories; it will give a contrasting effect. Do experiment with bright colours like fuchsia pink, bright green, orange, red, and sunshine yellow.

Fusion fever:
When it comes to home décor, full marks go to fusion style. Fusion style is a combination of contemporary furniture and ethnic inspired designs. Interior designer Raseel Gujral advices to select such pieces which create an indo-western look. For example, you can combine silk or zardosi cushions with modern sofa set. In accordance to the theme select frame or panel mirror. Fusion theme gives you a scope to experiment with all the elements of your home to give it a new look. Even you can give an attractive look to your sweet home by using different elements like metal, glass, stone, wood, fabric and leather in one single piece.

Mediterranean mood:
A cool, soothing look for your home is always in demand for not only in summers but also for every season. In order to have this peaceful and cool effect, you can create sea-side look. To generate this soothing look, buy furniture and accessories of peacock green, blue and white. Apart from these play with pink, sea green, brown and earthy colours. According to interior designers Nitin and Situ Kohli, neutral colours are best for furniture. The sizes of furniture should give a heavily look.
The walls of room have to be textured. You can create motives of ship, water waves, shell and stones. While furnishing room to get a breezy look you can use sheer curtains with sea side element motives and prints. Besides, fish aquarium, tropical plants, floating flowers can be used creatively to give a soothing effect to your home. Use pebbles, water body, palm trees, shell, corals, mermaids, light house, star fish and other eye grabbing to accessorize your room.

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