Friday, June 29, 2012

LEGO Office Denmark

Located in Billund, Denmark, this LEGO office is intended to be a place of creativity, innovation, and judging by the incorporation of a huge slide leading to the collaboration areas, fun!

Designed by Rosan Bosch, and filled with LEGO, the space is full of color, which sings in a sunny environment. The layout tells us that this is a place where ideas are shared and expanded via informal meetings, with the center of the building remaining an open space littered with meeting points, from laptop bar pit stops and bespoke self screening sofas, to bonsai tree bedecked tables and private pods.

A whacky use of scale brings humor to the creative space, the architect explains: “The idea of scale is challenged with design elements such as huge grass wall graphics and a giant LEGO man and tables with built-in bonsai gardens, thus playing with perception and scale – who is big and who is small? Where does work stop and imagination start?”

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